Get Involved

For more than 111 years, The Alligator has been delivering the news to Gainesville and its surrounding areas, but we’re just getting started at the Alligator Alumni Association.

Whether you worked in the newsroom, advertising, business, promotions or production, we welcome you to join the Alligator Alumni Association. We’re currently seeking volunteers to help with storytelling about The Alligator, strengthening our Alumni Association network and assisting with fundraising and grantwriting campaigns.

Sign up for email updates and indicate your interest in volunteering on your profile. If you’ve already joined the Alumni Association mailing list, simply type your email address, submit and select update profile to adjust your settings.


You’ve got something to say! Whether it’s your personal experience at The Alligator, interviewing other alumni or providing commentary on issues affecting today’s journalism and communications professionals, we are looking for bloggers, photographers and copy editors to contribute to the Alumni Association blog and social media. Storytellers are needed to provide content from regular features to flashbacks from the archives to student profiles.


Share your experience with someone less experienced. Connect with current staff and alumni and help them navigate the changing landscape of journalism and explore career opportunities after graduation. Mentors provide a supportive and empowering relationship, facilitate learning and encourage growth. We are currently seeking leaders to help develop a mentoring program and model for future mentors.

Grantwriting/Fundraising Team

You’re passionate about hands-on learning, The Alligator and (hopefully soon) the Alligator Alumni Association! Others describe you as creative yet organized, idealistic yet practical, tenacious yet… What’s the word for more tenacious? If you have a knack for development, ideas for innovative programs or are just looking for a purposeful challenge, contact us today. Previous grantwriting and/or fundraising experience a plus.

Interested? Drop us a line at [email protected].