Alligator General Manager Trish Carey set to retire early 2019

Alligator General Manager Patricia “Trish” Carey is set to retire at the beginning of 2019. Read the announcement from Campus Communications Chairwoman Jean Chance and a personal note from Trish to Alligator alumni below.

We at the Alligator Alumni Association give thanks to Trish for giving so much of her love, life and time to the Alligator and a special congratulations on her retirement!

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At our recent Campus Communications Inc. board of directors meeting we accepted the retirement announcement by General Manager Patricia “Trish” Carey. She will leave the Alligator family on Jan. 1 after 35 years, an amazing period of service beginning in the advertising department that grew into her most recent 11 years as general manager.

On behalf of our board, I applaud her dedication to the continued success of the Alligator.There have been stormy seas to travel and she has dedicated many, many hours to help our student journalists and the career staff forge ahead.

I particularly want to commend Trish for developing the futuristic financial plan that led to the sale of our building on University Avenue that unlocked cash and provided a far better work environment. It’s hoped that by joining similar property downsizing moves by news organizations all over the country and expanding into more digital publication that we hope to stabilize our financial status. As an aside, I salute former GM Ed Barber for guiding the purchase years ago of the aging, but valuable, property on University Avenue. That two-story building served CCI well, despite the critters that fell from the ceiling into the newsroom and a leaky roof that often required standby buckets in the hallways.

For now, the board’s mission is to work hard searching for a worthy successor to Trish Carey. The three-member search committeeRick Hirsch of the Miami Herald, Aaron Sharockman of PolitiFact, and new editor for fall, Meryl Kornfieldare organizing the board’s search.

You can help. 

Circulate the ad announcing the job opening. Network and help recruit outstanding candidates to fill this crucial vacancy to help us continue to strengthen the Alligator’s future. We are casting a wide net in search of a creative business leader to succeed Ms. Carey. I know you are all faithful deadline followers, so save this date: 4 p.m. Aug. 31, at [email protected].

— Jean Chance, CCI board chairwoman


At the board meeting on July 27, I notified the Board of Directors that I will be retiring January 1, 2019. This was obviously a very difficult decision for me to make but I feel that I have done all that I can do for the Alligator and it is time for me to step aside and let the next person bring the Alligator to its next level of success.

It has been my honor and pleasure to have worked and have been a part of the Independent Florida Alligator for 35 years. I have enjoyed every minute (well … almost every minute) and every aspect of being a part of such a rich and powerful institution. The students that I have met and worked with over the years have taught me so much about everything under the sun and then more. The career staff members that have had my back and have always pulled together to make the Alligator a great place to work are the best staff ever. All the alumni that have been a fountain of wonderful information and assistance. The Board of Directors that have volunteered hours of their time to guide The Alligator during the countless crises that have happened over the years. Many, many, many thanks to all of you.

Do not like goodbyes so … See you later, Alligator. I sure will miss you.

— Trish

One thought on “Alligator General Manager Trish Carey set to retire early 2019

  1. It is with great sadness that I see Trish Carey leaving The Alligator. It was my great pleasure to work with her for around 25 years, and we were a really great team. During my tenure as general manager there, she was always hard working, great at training and could lead in advertising sales like none other. Much of our tremendous successes during those years are directly attributed to her work. I also had the great pleasure in our becoming close friends. In the more than 50 years I have had the honor of being associated with The Alligator, there is no one with whom I have worked with longer or had a closer and more pleasurable working relationship than with Trish. The Alligator will do well to find someone even half as excellent as she has been.

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